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Pierre, the Product Guru


Pierre, the Product Guru is a fictional character, created to offer advice to customers regarding Hair Care product choices for all hair types.  The man behind the character has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and additionally, has been told by many that he was born to give hair care advice.  So why use a fictional character?  Pierre simply prefers to remain anonymous. discovered Pierre at a beauty show several years back and, we are happy to announce, he has been working with Pandora ever since.  Pierre has been recommending Hair Care products to clients for over 15 years.  His recommendations are based on of his experience in the industry and his gift of choosing the right product for the right hair type and/or scalp condition.  Pierre ONLY gives advice on Hair Care products:  shampoos, conditioners, hair masques, styling products and hair brushes.  Pierre does not offer recommendations on hair color, hair treatments (e.g., keratin or Brazilian treatments) or regarding hair accessories.  Also, Pierre does not provide advice or assistance on Hair Care products that does not carry.  Pierre ONLY makes suggestions from the Pre-Selected Hair Care lines found on Our Service. assumes NO responsibility for any product recommendations made by Pierre, the Product Guru!  Pierre recommends Hair Care products from the information he gathers from clients who have solicited advice from him.  Please note that not all products work the same way on everyone.  Each client has a different hair type and/or scalp condition.  Pierre can only make an educated guess as to the ideal hair care products and optimum results you desire.  If you choose to apply Pierre’s advice, is in NO way responsible for the results obtained regarding your particular hair type.  Further, all sales that are made based on Pierre’s recommendations are FINAL SALE—without exception.  Our Service will not authorize any Returns on products Pierre recommends!  Pierre recommends Hair Care products from the product lines PANDORA BEAUTY offers ONLY!  Pierre is included in the Pre-Selection process in which Our Service decides which Hair Care product merchandise lines are worth procuring.  PANDORA BEAUTY only sells Hair Care product s we believe are worth your hard earned money.  All product lines we sell have been Pre-Selected by our highly educated and experienced staff, and of course, Pierre, the Product Guru.




Pierre, the Product Guru’s Fictional Biography


Pierre was born in the city of Bordeaux, France in 1971.  In fact, Pierre wasn’t his actual first name.  Pierre’s parents wanted a baby girl all their lives--yet desired only one child.  Having their hearts set on a girl, they promised each other that, no matter what gender the child was, they would name the child Armelle.  Well, Armelle in French means ‘Princess’, still, they made a pact and agreed they would never reveal the name’s meaning to the child if it were a boy.  As it turns out, Pierre’s parents had a beautiful healthy baby boy early one June morning.  The sun was shining and the weather was perfect that day.  Pierre’s parents were happy because the baby was healthy.  They didn’t get the girl they always wanted but stuck to their pact and named the boy, Armelle.  The nurses in the hospital room laughed when the boy was named Armelle, yet they kept the name.


At this juncture, I will refer to Pierre with his given name, ‘Armelle’.  Armelle was dressed as a girl and treated like a princess during his early years.  Armelle’s parents bought him dolls and his room was full of pink and red colors.  His bed was adorned with differently shaped hearts.  Armelle’s parents choose to treat their new baby boy as the princess they always wanted.  When he started school, all the parents made fun of his name and mocked his parents for giving the boy a girl’s name, especially one meaning ‘Princess’.  As Armelle was young at the time, he proudly revealed his name to all the kids he met in school.  When Armelle turned 5, at the start of a new school year, he found himself in a situation he could make no sense of.  In Armelle’s very first day of class his teacher asked all the little boys and girls, one by one, to recite their names aloud.  When Armelle’s turn came he stood tall, and proudly yelled, “Armelle!”  The boys and girls in the class room laughed and made fun of Armelle all day long.  “You have a girl’s name, ha-ha-ha, you have a girl’s name!”  they shouted.  Armelle insisted they were wrong, and angrily sat with his two little hands covering his ears until class was over.


Armelle wanted to go home and get away from the kids, who continued to mock him.  When he finally got home he ran up to his dad and gave him a big hug and said, “I hate school, I never want to go back there ever again!”  Armelle’s parents were confused, so their son told them what had happened.  After hearing his story, Armelle’s parents spoke about what they should do.  They told Armelle that no matter what the kids say, no matter how much they joke around, that his name was not a girl’s name and that he should be proud to bear his name.  Armelle loved his parents dearly and trusted what they told him.  He promised his parents that no matter what anyone said to him, no matter how much they poked fun, he would ignore them and go about his way.  As the years went on, Armelle continued to be ridiculed, but he ignored the jibes, and continued on his way.  He didn’t make many friends, but he honestly didn’t care to.  He loved being able to spend time with his parents after school—that was all he cared about.


This went on throughout the school years until Armelle turned 16 years old.  Now, Armelle was a handsome young boy at the age of 16, and extremely intelligent.  School was about to start again and Armelle began to feel nervous.  Still, he only cared about doing really well and making his parents happy.  Armelle had absolutely no idea his life was going to change this school year.  During the first week of school, Armelle found himself staring at a girl he had never seen before.  She’s beautiful, he thought.   All he wanted to do was to introduce himself.  This would be no easy task for Armelle because he thought she would react the same way every kid reacted throughout his childhood.  He thought she would laugh at him.  That would be too much for him to bear, since she was the first and only girl he had ever wanted to meet.  That wasn’t going to hold Armelle back, though.  He had to meet this girl and had to introduce himself, right then.  As he approached her he found his heart beating faster, and he couldn’t stop his hands from shaking.  “Hi,” he whispered.  “I have never seen you before.  Are you new to this town?” he managed to ask.


“Why, yes I am.  I just recently moved here from Paris.”  “May I ask your name?” she replied, smiling.


“My name? You want to know my name?  Well, yes of course.  Why wouldn’t you want to know my name?  That is such an important piece of information.”  He fumbled.


“Well, my name is Juliet, and yours?” she asked again.


“Well, my name is, it is…it is, Armelle!” he finally forced.


“My dear, that is a beautiful name but I believe it to be a girls name.  In fact to the best of my knowledge it means Princess,” she nicely informed him.


Shocked he asked, “Are you sure of this?  Does my name bother you?  You haven’t laughed yet or said anything funny to me?”


“I’m positive about the meaning of your name and that it is indeed a girl’s name.  However it is not funny at all.  It is a beautiful name regardless!” she responded.


Armelle was in utter shock for a couple of reasons.  First, he couldn’t believe Juliet’s response after hearing his name.  Why didn’t she laugh? he wondered.  How could that be, how could she be the very first person to think his name was beautiful?  It was for this reason, for the fact that she was the very first person to accept his name that he fell in love with her instantly.  Not only was she beautiful on the outside, but amazingly, on the inside as well.  Secondly, he felt Juliet was being honest when she said she was sure about his name being a girl’s name.  They spoke for several minutes and agreed to meet again the next day around the same time.  Armelle rushed home that afternoon to ask his parents to reveal the truth about his name.  After he explained the situation, Armelle’s parents decided to break the pact and be honest with him.  They told Armelle that they loved him very much but that they gave him a girl’s name at birth and stuck with it.  They said they always wished for girl but when they heard the news that they had a baby boy they were pleased, but still chose to keep the name. Armelle.  Armelle was angry and ran into his room and slammed the door shut.  He researched his name’s meaning and indeed, as Juliet surmised, his name meant “Princess”.  Armelle decided not to remain angry with his parents though—even though his childhood had pretty much been a nightmare.  Instead he made one request.  Armelle asked his parents to change his name immediately.  He chose the name ‘Pierre’ which means, ‘Rock in French--completely opposite of ‘Princess.  Armelle’s parents were grateful he wasn’t upset with them any more, and agreed to change his name to ‘Pierre’ the very next day.


Pierre and Juliet ended up dating and becoming the best of friends.  They got married a few years later and continued their schooling together.  One of the things Pierre adored about Juliet was her black, long, thick, gorgeous hair.  In fact, he became a certified, licensed cosmetologist so that he could properly cut and style her hair.  He styled her hair for all the special events they attended, and for her part, Juliet received the most amazing reactions from people.  Pierre became obsessed with Juliet’s hair and started to research all the best Hair Care product lines that were available in France.  He would buy a different shampoo or conditioner everyday.  Or he would purchase a new styling product any time he came across one.  He started ordering products from outside France.  Juliet was his hair model.  Every morning Juliet would have her hair washed, conditioned and styled with a different product.  Pierre soon became a Hair Care Product Guru, but he did not stop there.  He opened up schools throughout France and trained thousands of stylists and even received a PhD in Hair Care.  He soon became the Nobel Prize winner in Hair Care, making his country very proud!


Pierre and Juliet have 8 children, 5 of which are girls.  You can bet each girl gets her hair done every morning before leaving for school.  Pierre’s parents visit a few times each week and enjoy their grandkids company, especially the 5 girls or rather, Princesses.  To this day, Pierre’s parents claim to have no regrets for naming their son ‘Armelle’.  They believe in life everything happens for a reason.  When they were asked to explain their thoughts they replied, “If Armelle had been given a normal name, he would have been normal in other people’s eyes.  He was ridiculed growing up because of his name, so he studied hard, ignored the people that made fun of him and minded his own business.  When the time was right he came across a girl that caught his eye.   Because she was the first person to accept his name, he instantly fell in love.  It was her act of kindness after finding out his name that proved to their son that she was as lovely on the inside as she was on the outside.  Out of all of Juliet’s beautiful physical features it was her hair that Pierre obsessed over and this is what led to his Nobel Prize in Hair Care.  It was the name ‘Armelle’ that led him to Juliet and it was Juliet that led him his amazing career in Hair Care!” they exclaimed.


Pierre has no regrets as well that he was given a girl’s name.  He agrees it all happened for a reason and that he wouldn’t be where he is now if it weren’t for that name, ‘Armelle’!


“My parents wished for a baby girl, a princess and so they named me ‘Armelle’.  That name had everything to do with the fact that I became Pierre, the Product Guru, and eventually a Nobel Prize winner in Hair Care.  I spent years doing thousands of women’s hair so that they could feel like a Princess on special occasions.  Now my parents have 5 beautiful granddaughters and are happier than they could ever have imagined.  Each granddaughter is a little Princess; each one is their Armelle!”