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Rewards Program is proud to offer the very first REWARDS PROGRAM in the online Hair Care & Beauty Product industry! We respect all customers that choose Our Service for their Hair Care & Beauty Product needs, especially customers that order with Our Service on a repeat basis. We feel our customers deserve a bonus on EVERY PURCHASE they choose to make with Our Service. You must be a Registered User of in order to take advantage of the Rewards Program. If you donít register with Our Service you will NOT receive any Points for any purchase or purchases that you made in the past. We canít go back and credit any Points to your account on past purchases because you werenít a Registered member during those purchases. We recommend that you Register with Our Service during your very first order so that you donít lose out on any Points!


Every purchase you make with will earn you Reward Points. For EVERY DOLLAR you spend with Our Service you will earn ONE Reward Point. You will even earn Reward Points on any shipping feeís you incur on your order. If you spend $30 total you will earn 30 points. If you spend $130 total you will earn 130 points and so on. We are implementing this Rewards Program because we care about your bottom line. We want you to be able to SAVE as much as possible and we are doing everything in our power to help you do so. Hence EVERY purchase total will be rounded UP to the nearest dollar and your Points will reflect this. For example if your order total including shipping is $38.89 you will receive 39 points. Even if your order total is one penny over, i.e. $38.01 we will round up your points to 39 points. We hope you appreciate all that we are doing to help improve your savings on your Bottom Line. Obviously repeat customers will benefit most from Our Rewards Program because EVERY PURCHASE they make will help build their Rewards Points! Rewards Program price for products is based on 1% back on all purchases again for registered members only.


At we truly care about your bottom line and we want all of Our Customers to feel as if their business is respected highly. You may redeem your Reward Points for any item we sell as long as you have the minimum points available for that item. Every item on our website will have the points necessary to buy the item on the items detail page. You may check to see how many Reward Points you have at anytime by clicking on My Account and then clicking on Reward Points. This section of your Account will list your current Reward Points available as of your last purchase. If you arenít a customer of we ask you what your current online beauty supply does for you? We didnít think so!


All Reward Points orders must be done separately. You canít use your points against an order to lower your order total. This Rewards Points Program is for you to be able to buy products from us for free because you have earned it as a loyal customer. Always check to necessary Reward Points by clicking on the products detail page. This Rewards Points value will be located below ďOur PriceĒ in purple font. If you have enough of Reward Points in your account for the item you have your eye on, add the item(s) to your basket, click on continue and you will have the option to use your Reward Points on the next page. Make sure you check this option and continue with checkout. You will have a receipt emailed to you for this Rewards Points purchase and it will marked as Queued. Your Reward Points balance will automatically adjust. The invoice/receipt you receive via email after completing your order will reflect the use of your Reward Points. The invoice/receipt will also list the current Reward Points available on your account! In the event that you place an order for item(s) that are no longer available Our Service will update your points total and you will be notified via email. In the event that you need to add item(s) to an existing order before your order has been shipped, we will adjust your point total and you will be notified via email. All item(s) returned with prior authorization via Our Service will also result in your Points Balance being adjusted to reflect the item(s) returned. In this case or any case that your Points Balance is adjusted you be notified via email.


Our Rewards Program is just another way Our Service would like to Thank You for your business.