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Want your product line featured on Pandora Beauty? has an intense selection process when it comes to featuring a Hair Care or Beauty Product Line on our wesbite. This Pre-Selection process includes the opinion's of our in house staff and of course Pierre the Product Guru. You will NOT find a product line on our webiste unless we Pre-Approve it first. Unlike our online competitors, we offer a pallette of Product Lines that are worth a try. Every customers hair type is different so you may go through a Trial Period until you discover the Product Line your Hair loves most!


If you are a Hair Care or Beauty Product Manufacturer and you would like your product line featured on please fill out the form below (please include as much information as possible). Allow 7 business days for a formal response to your request. Your product line will be researched thoroughly and Our Service will decide if it fits our Website. Your product line will NOT be approved if we do not feel it is worth our customers hard earned money to try it even once. We wish all Manufacturers the best in their business and we look forward to teaming up with future Pre-Selected Product Lines.