If you’ve spent any time researching ways to get rid of frizz and create a smooth, shiny, straight hair look, or if you keep up with tales of celebrity style and all the ways that those actresses and models achieve hair style perfection, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the words “keratin,” “keratin treatment” or “Brazilian blowout” mentioned. Keratin products and treatments are all the rage right now, but are they right for your hair?

What’s all the buzz about keratin?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally present in your hair, but can be lost over time due to age, chemical processing or product damage. Keratin products and treatments can put keratin back into your hair, repairing some of the damage. A professional keratin treatment at the salon can leave your hair smooth and frizz-free for up to six months, which can seem like a godsend if you currently spend hours every week trying to tame and straighten your unruly hair.

However, there are some drawbacks. Professional keratin treatments can be quite harsh, potentially damaging to your hair over time, and doctors have expressed serious concern about the health hazards of the formaldehyde used in many keratin treatments. Then there is the time and cost. A keratin treatment at the salon will take several hours and run you about $250 to $450, maybe more! It can potentially last up to six months, but often lasts just 2-3 months, which means you would need to have this treatment done 4 or more times per year, which can cause your hair to become brittle and prone to breakage.

Are there less costly and damaging at-home treatments?

If you’re interested in achieving some of the smoothing benefits of a keratin treatment at a lower cost and in a less harsh way, there are a number of excellent keratin products that you can use in the comfort of your own home. L’ANZA is a leader in keratin hair care and has a full line of products that we recommend including:

  • Keratin Healing Oil Treatment – This treatment infuses keratin protein to reconstruct the inner layers of the hair, adding shine, body and bounce. Add a small amount to wet hair after shampoo and conditioner to leave it silky smooth!
  • Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque – For even more intense smoothing and moisturizing, add this extra step of L’ANZA’s intensive hair masque after you shampoo.
  • Keratin Healing Oil Smooth Down Spray– Need a quick fix for flyaways and frizz? Just spritz a bit of this smoothing spray into your hair and watch your locks become instantly tamed and manageable!

These are just a few of the keratin products that we carry. L’ANZA has a full line of keratin products including shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products to help you create that sleek, shiny, smooth look you’re craving. Be sure to check out all of the L’ANZA hair care products available on our website. We guarantee that all beauty lines offered are 100% authentic, never from a third-party, and are items that our beauty team uses on our own hair and skin. Plus, Pandora Beauty offers some of the best prices available on all your favorite salon-quality products.