Summer is waning and it’s back to school time. That means it’s also time to revamp your look and transition from the sun-kissed looks of summer into the cozier looks of fall. We let you in on some of the hottest hair and makeup trends that are coming off the runways that you can incorporate into your own look.

Hot Fall Looks You Can Steal From the Runway

Not every runway look translates well to hitting the classroom this fall (wearing three different shades of neon eyeshadow might be a bit much for biology class), but we’ve gathered up some of the easiest, most Instagram-worthy trends that you’ll want to try out right now.

  • Glitter, pearl and crystal accents. Shine and glitter were all over the runways, from headwraps to jewelry to makeup. An easy and subtle way to add a pop of shine to your everyday look is to grab some pearlescent nail polish like McKenna by Zoya. Or if you’re feeling really bold, try the gold glitter flake polish of Zoya’s Maria-Louisa for a real show-stopper!
  • Rapunzel hair. That’s right, super long locks were all over this year’s fall runway looks. Need to give your hair a little boost to help it grow? Try taking a daily mineral supplement like Phytophanere for the vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that your hair needs for growth and strength.
  • Bouncy curls. Curly girls, have no fear. You don’t have to have stick-straight hair to be on trend this fall. Full, bouncy ringlets are also very much in fashion too. Rock those curls with a little help from DevaCurl products. From shampoos and conditioners to styling products and treatments, DevaCurl is all about bringing gorgeous curls to life.
  • A bold, red lip with a bare face. This is a really simple look that anyone can pull off, and it’s totally on trend. The red lip is very dramatic against a bare face, without looking too over the top for everyday wear. Give your face an all-over dusting with bareMinerals Matte Foundation Powder (because you want to look like your face is bare, but flawless), and then finish with bareMinerals Statement Luxe Shine Srsly Red Lipstick.
  • A low ballerina bun. A low, slicked-back bun is not only stylish and trendy this season, but it’s also a great, easy look for when you oversleep and are running late to class! Spray your hair down with a bit of Kenra Dry Oil Control Spray to smooth and tame any frizziness. Pull back into a low ponytail, securing with an elastic. Wrap hair around the base, pinning into place. That’s it!

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