Doesn’t it often seem like looking your best is ridiculously expensive? Getting highlights, facials, blowouts and manicures can really take a bite out of your spending cash. But if you are a savvy shopper who’s all about discount beauty while still looking like a million bucks, there are many ways that you can be totally put-together on a budget.

Beauty Care Money-Saving Tips

  • Do your own manicures. Nothing makes you feel as put together as a fresh manicure. But at $20 - $60 a pop (depending on whether you get a basic or more deluxe manicure), keeping up those nails can get pretty pricey. Luckily, with a little practice and the right tools and polishes, pretty much anyone can do their own DIY manicure. Pick up some polishes from Zoya, nail clippers and cuticle tools from Tweezerman, and have a manicure party!
  • Maintain your hair color between salon visits. Getting a professional hair coloring done at the salon can truly transform your look, but at approximately $50 - $150 per treatment, the cost can really add up. Make your color last as long as possible by using color-safe shampoos and conditioners and touch up your roots with a product like Eufora Conceal Root Touch-Up between salon visits.
  • Learn how to do a professional blow-out at home.
  • Buy quality products. There are times when it can actually save you money in the long run to spend a bit more on higher-quality beauty products. We all have a drawerful of old skin creams, eyeshadows, lipsticks, hair stylers and treatments that we decided to try because they were a good deal, and it turned out there was a reason why. One really great skin care cream like Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum is worth more than 15 cheap ones that don’t do what they promise. Stick with trusted brands made from top-quality ingredients and you can save yourself from wasting money on stuff you’ll end up never using.
  • Don’t buy beauty products at the salon. We know your stylist will try to steer you toward purchasing their hair, skin and nail care products at the end of your visit. And it’s tempting, especially if they always seem to get great results that you want to be able to duplicate in future. But here’s a little secret: Even if they tell you that you can ONLY get that brand in the salon, it’s often not true. Look through our list of brand name beauty products in the menu above. We carry many of the same products that salon professionals use. At Pandora Beauty you can purchase brands like DevaCurl, Eufora, Loma, Kenra, milk_shake and more, for a fraction of what you will be charged at the salon.

Be sure to check out the full lines of discount beauty care products available on our website.  We guarantee that all beauty lines offered are 100% authentic, never from a third-party, and are items that our beauty team uses on our own hair and skin. Plus, Pandora Beauty offers some of the best prices available on all your favorite salon-quality products at our online discount beauty supply store.