We’ve all done it. Bought a new foundation or lipstick that looked beautiful in the store, but once we get home and put it on, something is just…off. Why doesn’t it look as good as it did on the model in the poster? Well, it could be that you are simply choosing the wrong shade for your skin tone.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right colors for YOU.

  • Start by determining your undertones. Most people’s skin leans towards either warmer or cooler tones. Choose the wrong type and your makeup won’t blend with your skin properly, giving you that masky, unnatural look. To determine whether your skin has cool or warm undertones, look at the veins on the back of your wrist. If they look greenish, you have warm undertones and you should choose warm makeup colors. If they look more blueish, you have cool undertones and should gravitate towards cooler colors. (On a related note, use these same guidelines when choosing hair color and clothing, it makes a huge difference in whether your skin looks glowing and healthy, or dull and “off.”) If you can’t determine your undertones, you may be neutral. Congrats, this means you can wear lots of different shades!
  • Fair Skin. If you have fair skin that tends to get pinkness or redness, it’s usually a good choice to balance these out with a yellow-based foundation.
  • Darker Skin. The darker your skin, the more likely that you will be better off with a foundation that has a slightly reddish undertone, to counteract any grayness or ashiness.
  • Testing foundation shades. When testing out foundation and powders, put them on your collarbone, this is the easiest location to make a proper match. Then choose from 30 different shades of bareMinerals BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation . 24-hour, breathable, full coverage liquid foundation with a natural matte finish. And it’s good for your skin!
  • Concealer. Your concealer should always be a shade lighter than your overall foundation color. bareMinerals BareSkin Complete Coverage Concealerr covers blemishes and dark circles using high-definition mineral optics to counteract shadows while it improves your skin with antioxidant Lilac Plant Stem Cells.
  • Choosing lip colors. If you have cool undertones, gravitate towards shades that have pink, true red (like cherry) and purplish undertones. Stay away from anything orangey. If you are fair-skinned, very pale shades can also make you look washed out. For the warmer gals, peaches, fiery reds and corals will look great. Stay away from fuschias and berry shades. bareMinerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolors come in gorgeous bold shades for every skin tone and are lightweight and non-sticky.
  • Nude Lip Color. When choosing a nude lip color, match the color of your inner lip. bareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolors are ideal for a subtle bit of color to give you a modern look.

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