In our last post, we talked about one of our best-selling, favorite products lines, Eufora. However, we can’t just stop at one brand! Because we’re so passionate about the prestige beauty products we sell, we can’t wait to tell you about all our favorites. Today, we’ll go a little more in-depth about another of our favorite beauty lines: DevaCurl.

DevaCurl’s Mission: Celebrate Your Unique Curls

DevaCurl got their start back in 1994 when they opened their first salon in New York City. Since then, they’ve introduced a wide array of products designed specifically for curly hair. Why? Well, they believe curly hair is bold, natural and beautiful, and they’ve made it their mission to help you celebrate your own unique curls!

From amazing DevaCurl products like their no-poo and low-poo lines to their uniquely designed DevaFuser, the company ensures you’ll be loving your curly tresses from morning until night!

Pandora’s Top-Selling DevaCurl Styling Products

While the entire product line is fantastic, let’s talk today about a few DevaCurl styling products known to truly work wonders for our curly-haired friends.

B’Leave-in Miracle Curl Plumper

What it is: B’Leave-in Miracle Curl Plumper is a lightweight gel that conditions, strengthens and moisturizes hair. It contains a blend of wheat protein, lemongrass and chamomile that not only does miracle work on your curls, but it smells lush and refreshing, too!

Why You’ll Love it: If you hair is on the thin side, this DevaCurl styling product provides the voluminous curls you’ve always dreamed about. It adds shine, plumping up your curls while keeping the frizz down.

DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler

What it is: No matter how you’d like to style your curls, whether you want to smooth them, enhance them, or tame them, DevaCurl Super Cream Coconut Curl Styler will be your go-to hair product. It contains plenty of coconut oil for a bright and luxurious finish to your style.

Why You’ll Love it: This DevaCurl products has been called a “miracle” by curly-haired beauties everywhere. It will allow you to simply air dry your hair with no frizz and no leftover crunchy feel.

DevaCurl Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip

What it is: The name itself might be a mouthful, but this DevaCurl styling product is well worth the few extra syllables. For those with wavy hair, DevaCurl Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip helps your waves stay consistent and frizz-free all day long. It’s a light and airy formula made from moringa seed and passion flower extract, and leaves your hair feeling like there’s nothing in it at all.

Why You’ll Love it: If you don’t like sticky or weighed-down hair, and want to let your natural waves shine, this is the product for you. Enjoy definition to your waves that you’ve never known before!

If you’re a returning customer stocking up on your favorite DevaCurl styling products, or you’re just curious if this product line is right for you, we guarantee you’ll get the best price and the best quality from Pandora Beauty. And we’re happy to offer one of the best rewards programs you’ll find to ensure you can always return for more!