Are you intimidated by the idea of trying to curl your own hair? Or maybe you’ve tried before with less-than-stellar results? Follow these tips to start curling your hair like a pro.

First, pick the right curling iron

If you want big, beachy waves you’ll want a curling iron with a bigger barrel, and for tighter curls you’ll use a smaller one. But you probably already knew that much. However, you also have to take into consideration the length of your own hair. Those big barrels really only work well with very long hair. If you have short or medium length hair, it will be difficult to use anything with a larger diameter than 1”.

When you’re just starting out, curling irons with a clip (or clamp) to hold your hair in place are easier to use than the ones with an open barrel that you have to wind your hair around and hold it in place. (You are also more likely to burn your fingers that way!) Save yourself some frustration and use a high-quality traditional curling iron like Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron. The titanium ceramic is much better for your hair than a metal barrel curling iron and will give a smoother finish to your curls.

Apply hairspray BEFORE curling

Many newbie hair curlers don’t use any hairspray until after they have curled their hair, but your curls will last longer if you actually apply a bit of hairspray like TIGI Copyright Custom Complete Maximum Hold Hairspray before you start curling. And then after you are done curling, finish off with a little more. If you have a lot of trouble getting curls to last, after you curl each section, wind it up and pin it to cool in that coiled state, it will hold its shape much longer.

Choose your heat settings wisely

You may be tempted to turn the heat on that iron all the way up to get curls that last, but finer hair needs a much lower heat setting than coarse, thick hair and you can seriously damage your hair if you apply too much heat. Start at a low setting and then turn up as needed until you get the results you want. For extra heat protection, it’s a great idea to apply a product like Keune Care Absolute Volume Thermal Protector Spray before you begin using heat tools on your hair.

Practice ahead of time

Don’t try out a new curling iron or new curling method on the night of your big event! Test out different curl techniques some night when you are staying in. You can leave out your ends or start lower on your head for a looser beach wave. Wrap the entire length of the hair around the iron for a fuller, more glamorous look. Try alternating curling some sections away from your face and others towards your face for a more natural look.

Experiment and have fun!

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