Braids never really go out of style as a classic look for long-haired gals. When done correctly, they can range from elegant to girly to impish. They are also quite practical for keeping your hair off your face when you will be participating in physical activities, sports, spending time outdoors and so on. But if you’ve never quite mastered the art of the braid, you’ll know that they are not as easy as they look. We have a few tricks for how to braid your hair and have it come out looking effortless rather than messy and lopsided.

Steps to Creating Flawless Braids Every Time

  • Make sure you can see what you’re doing. Especially if you are creating a French braid down the back of your head, it really helps to have two hands-free mirrors so that you can see your hands and keep your braid centered. If you can, set up two large mirrors facing each other and sit between them so that you can completely see the back of your head as you work.
  • Start with wet or damp hair. The sections of wet hair will stick together and make it easier to keep smooth and control flyaways.
  • Add a texturizing cream. We recommend Keratin Complex Mold Me Matte Texturizing Cream to give your hair a little extra “grip” and help it hold together as you work with it.
  • Get a little dirty. If your hair tends to frizz, or if you have layers, it’s easier to get a smooth braid if your hair is NOT freshly washed.
  • Spritz with a light hold hairspray before you start. We like the smoothing properties of medium hold Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray with argan oil. This will help calm any frizzies and manage loose ends so that they stay put.
  • Choose your braid wisely. If you tend to have hair that is smooth and slippery, a tighter style braid like a fishtail or halo will stay in place better for you. If your hair is more coarse or has more texture, you may find looser styles easier to do.
  • Finish with a hairspray for your hair type. Again, if you tend to have hair that slides out of braids and ponytails, choose a firm hairspray like Macadamia Professional Style Lock Strong Hairspray. Otherwise, if you are intending to wear your braid for more than one day, you may not want to use any styling products the first day. Then you can embrace the messiness of the second-day braid for a slightly more casual look.

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