Gel nail polish came on the scene not too long ago, and it has taken nail salons by storm as women are coming and seeking a manicure that lasts twice as long. Because a gel manicure lasts longer than a normal manicure, salons often charge more for them. However, you can find everything you need to do your own gel nails at home and create countless nail looks at Pandora Beauty. Let’s look at how to apply and remove OPI GelColor, and answer your questions about using gel nail polish without UV light.

How to Apply OPI GelColor

OPI Nail polish is known for its quality and has been used in salons around the world for decades. OPI Gel Color is a polish on formula that comes in over 30 shades and it lasts for weeks. Before applying, make sure that you have removed all previous nail polish, and clean your nails up with a buffing block, nail clippers and a file.

Once your nails have been prepped, apply the OPI GelColor base coat to your nails and allow it to dry. Next, apply your chosen shade of polish by applying thin coats and allowing drying; then proceed reapplying until you get the desired shade. Next, use the OPI GelColor Top Coat to set and allow it to dry.

How to Remove OPI GelColor

To remove the gel nail polish you will need to use OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover and OPI Expert Touch Removal Wraps. Saturate the wraps in the remover and then place the pads over the polish and wrap around each finger. Place your hands with the wraps attached into the OPI Mitts, and allow 15 minutes before checking the first finger. If you need to, you can re-saturate the pad and wrap again for an additional 5 minutes, and then gently push gel polish off.

Can I Use gel nail polish without UV/LED light?

OPI GelColor requires a specific light to be used during drying in order to provide the long lasting effects you’re seeking. Using the OPI LED Light, the polish will cure in approximately four minutes per set. All regular gel polish requires a lamp, and the polishes that do not require UV/LED light are simply regular polish marketed as “gel-like” and may not produce the results you’re seeking.

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