What is it about tousled bed head hair that makes it so sexy? Well, there’s the fact that you look like you just rolled out of bed (perhaps after a little roll in the hay). Besides that, nothing exudes self-confidence like the appearance that your hair is just naturally voluminous and gorgeous, with no styling necessary. Of course, the reality is that most of the starlets you see out and about in the fashion blogs and magazines looking as if they simply ran their fingers through their hair and dashed out of the house, actually put a fair amount of effort into looking that casually chic.

The secret to pulling off great bed head

Don’t let anyone tell you that bed head is simply a matter of tousling your hair and you’re ready to go. For most of us, that would simply leave us with limp, stringy or ratty-looking locks. It’s still pretty easy and a great style to go for when you are short on time, but a few products and styling tips will help you achieve a sexy bed head style that lasts all day.

  • Start with dry hair. Bed head is a great style to do on second day, unwashed hair too. If you find that your hair gets a bit oily or limp if you don’t wash daily, then use a dry shampoo like Keune Design Dry Shampoo . This has the added benefit of giving your hair extra texture and volume.
  • Spray in a texturizer. Eufora Style Full Effect will give your hair more texture and volume if you did not use a dry shampoo in the previous step. This step is essential for creating the fullness that makes bed head so sexy. You can also blast your hair for a few moments with a hair dryer to set your spray.
  • Curl with a big barrel iron. If your hair is naturally wavy, you may be able to skip this step and simply tousle and scrunch your hair. If not, grab a large-barrel curling iron (1” – 1 ½” depending on your hair length) to set nice, relaxed waves into your hair. Alternate the direction of each section for a random, natural look. Set the iron to medium to low heat to avoid damage and fake-looking waves.
  • Finger comb. Rake your fingers through your hair, tousling gently.
  • Finish with setting spray. We recommend Eufora Style Retain Heat Styling Spray to protect your hair against heat damage, control frizz and hold your style for several days.

That was easy! Now go out and enjoy the looks you get with that sexy bed head!

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