It’s faint, but it you inhale deeply enough, you can smell the scent of spring in the air. The bitter chill of winter is finally starting to ease up a little bit, and little by little, the days are getting longer. That’s right friends, the end of winter is upon us!

While you might associate warmer weather with getting your body into shape for swimsuit season ahead, you should also look up a bit further – to the top of your head. Your hair could probably use a little extra love after the long, harsh winter, so there’s no time like the present to start bringing it back to life. After all, spring is the season of renewal!

Preparing Your Hair for Spring and Warmer Weather Ahead

It’s pretty normal for your hair to get limp and lifeless during the cold, dry months. This means you’ll need to put in a little extra effort as spring approaches to whip your hair back into shape and get those shiny, flowing locks you crave.

Here are five tips for reviving your hair and getting a jumpstart on spring:

  1. Get a trim. If you haven’t gotten a haircut since you trimmed the Christmas tree, it’s time to make an appointment with your stylist for a shape-up. You may not need to cut off a ton of length, but those split ends have got to go. You’ll feel so much better once those dead, frizzy ends are on the salon’s floor instead of your head.
  2. Stock up on supplies. It’s time to re-purchase all those hair products you went through this winter. Consider visiting a beauty supply store online like Pandora Beauty to pick up everything you need at a discounted price. Better yet, your favorites will get delivered right to your door in no time flat!
  3. Do some home treatments. While you’re stocking up on your normal products, pick up some additional treatments you can do at home. Our discount beauty store has a wide array of deep conditioners, hair masks and oil treatments to give your hair the refresh it needs for spring.
  4. how your scalp some love. While you’re dealing with your locks and your ends, don’t forget about your scalp! Your scalp and roots could use some nutrition and moisture after the long winter, so apply vitamin E, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, or tea tree oil at the roots to really boost your shine.
  5. Revitalize your color. Have you ever noticed how much healthier your hair looks after being freshly colored? It’s no coincidence. Go for a deep color (no bleach!) that will deposit color to your hair in a healthy way – you can even choose a semi-permanent color that can be washed out after a short time.

Pandora Beauty is ready to help you start preparing your hair for spring! We have the best brands at the best prices in our beauty supply store online, with 100 percent authentic, quality-ensured products. Plus, we take pride in providing our customers with an outstanding shopping experience. Shop with us today!