Our Favorite Hair Gels Many men and women are afraid of using gels for hair styling, thinking that it makes their hair look too wet or feel sticky. Especially if you tried hair gels many years ago when they were all the rage, you may have been left less than enthusiastic about the results, and so you swore off using them entirely. However, today’s gels have changed and we think you should give them a second look. Even if you are big gel fan and have been using it for years, you could be stuck in a rut, using the same product you discovered when you were 15. Your hair changes as you age, and so do styles. Maybe it’s time to update your hair gel as well?

Not Your Grandma’s Hair Gel

Not only do many hair gels today have better texture and less stickiness than previous generations of gels, but they often are combined with beneficial ingredients that can actually improve your hair’s overall health, tame frizz, smooth the hair shaft, add color, smell great and more! Whether you want to mold your hair into an impenetrable sculpture, or leave it soft and touchable, there is a gel for you.

Our Must-Have Har Gels

There are so many hair gels on the market, it can be difficult to choose. Read on for some of our favorites.

  • L’anza Keratin Healing Oil Cream Gel – Heal your dry, damaged hair in style with this truly innovative hair gel from L’anza. It delivers strong control and shine, along with flexible movement and volume. Plus, keratin protein reconstructs the inner layers of the hair to add body and bounce while the Phyto IV Complex rehydrates hair so that it's soft and silky smooth.
  • Eufora Hero for Men Firm Hold Gel – If you’re a guy who has been thinking about trying a gel-styled look but aren’t sure where to start, you can’t go wrong with this one. It will give you maximum hold and shine, won’t clog your hair follicles and rinses clean. Plus, Eufora’s exclusive ProAmino Peptide Complex provides wear-in benefits to your hair and scalp!
  • L’anza Healing Volume Zero Weight Gel – If you frequently use heat styling tools on your hair, this gel by L’anza is a great pick. It includes cactus extract to protect your hair from the damaging effects of blow drying and ironing. Great for fine hair, it adds volume, fullness and shine and it’s not drying because it is alcohol-free!

These are only three great hair gels you may want to give a try. Regardless of your hair type or style that you wish to achieve, there is a gel designed for your needs. Be sure to check out our website for a large selection of hair gels and other hair styling and beauty products. We guarantee that all beauty lines offered on our site are 100% authentic, never from a third-party, and are items that our beauty team uses on our own hair and skin. Plus, Pandora Beauty offers some of the best prices available on all your favorite salon-quality products.