When the weather outside is frightful, quite often your hair is too! You either arrive to your destination with matted down hat hair, or if you choose to go hatless, then the wind and snow can make you end up looking like you just stuck your finger in an electrical socket. And then there is the longer-term damage caused by the cold, dry air, that leaves your hair brittle and lifeless by halfway through the season. What to do?

Preventing winter hair despair

During the winter, you need to take protective and replenishing steps to keep hair healthy as the weather gets colder and adjust your hair cleansing and conditioning routine to ensure that you are not exacerbating the damage. Some tips:

  • Shampoo less frequently. Especially if you notice that your scalp is getting dry and flaky, you will find that you probably don’t need to cleanse your hair every day in winter.
  • Go a few shades darker for the season. The bleaching process required for lightening hair is very drying and will only compound the brittleness of winter hair. Consider switching to a shade that doesn’t require bleaching. If you choose a semi-permanent color, you will be easily able to switch back when the weather warms.
  • Minimize heat styling. If you are used to blow drying and straightening or curling your hair on a daily basis, come up with strategies to cut back. For instance, start washing your hair in the evenings so that you can allow it to air dry. Or if you must blow dry, at least switch to a gentler setting and blow dry at low rather than high heat.
  • Don’t go outside with wet hair! The caveat to the tip above is that skipping the blow dryer is great, but not if you end up going out in the cold with damp hair. This is terrible for your hair’s health, causing breakage and color fading.

Products to add to your winter hair care routine

In addition to the tips above, you should probably rethink some of the hair care products you use in winter. We recommend this curated collection of Eufora hair products specifically designed to help protect and heal your tresses from cold weather damage.

  • Fresh Effect Dry Shampoo – It’s a great way to keep your hair looking fresh, clean and full of volume when you are cutting back on cleansing your hair in the shower, bringing limp hair back to life.
  • Nourish Urgent Repair Treatment - Even if you use a daily conditioner, a weekly deep conditioning treatment can work wonders for winter-stressed hair. Eufora’s treatment includes extracts of Menthol and Camphor to promote a healthy scalp.
  • Nourish Leave-in Hydration - A leave-in conditioner helps control the inevitable static that comes with cold weather and will tame down those flyaways. This conditioner from Eufora also includes protection against UV sun damage and color fading.
  • Nourish Beautifying Serum – This is a lightweight serum that can be used daily or whenever your hair needs a bit of extra shine and frizz control. Your scalp and hair will benefit from the moisturizing, conditioning and antioxidant benefits of Kukui, neem, argan and cranberry oils.

Be sure to check out the full line of Eufora hair care products available on our website. We guarantee that all beauty lines offered are 100% authentic, never from a third-party, and are items that our beauty team uses on our own hair and skin. Plus, Pandora Beauty offers some of the best prices available on all your favorite salon-quality products.