Curly hair has unique needs, as anyone who has ever struggled with finding products and stylists that actually understand how to enhance curly hair well knows. So many products on the market are great for straight hair, but don’t properly address the needs of those with waves, curls and ringlets.

DevaCurl has you covered. They make it easy to find and choose the right products based on your curl type, which they break into three categories of “Wavy,” “Curly,” and “Super Curly.” In this article, we recommend the best products for those of you with “Curly Hair,” which DevaCurl defines as classic s-shaped or corkscrew spirals, which are tighter than loose waves, but are not super-tight coils or an afro.

DevaCurl Curly Hair Essentials

When you become a DevaCurl girl, these are the three must-have products for your curly hair daily routine:

  • No-Poo Conditioning Cleanser. This is where your hair transformation starts. The original groundbreaking cleanser refreshes your hair without stripping it of the natural oils that curly hair needs to retain moisture, health and shine.
  • One Condition Original Daily Cream Conditioner. Follow up your cleanser with this rich, creamy conditioner made with moisturizing olive oil and nourishing botanicals to deliver softness and hydration.
  • Styling Cream. Finish off your look with this DevaCurl Styling Cream to define and control your curls with touchable softness. It provides natural hold, humidity resistance and leaves curls moisturized and frizz free.

Take Your Curly Hair to the Next Level

Once you’ve become a full-blown DevaCurl devotee, you’ll want to add even more tools to up your curl game. Rock those curls to the next level with more good stuff like:

  • High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil. There’s a reason why this oil is one of DevaCurl’s best-sellers. It’s a lightweight, silicone-free blend of five curl-loving oils that adds moisture while fighting frizz and giving your curls a glossy, healthy shine.
  • The DevaFuser. If you want serious bounce and volume in your curls, you need the DevaCurl DevaFuser. This hair dryer diffuser attachment delivers 360-degree airflow to completely surround curls even at your roots. This allows you to dry out curly hair faster than traditional diffusers, reducing the negative effects of hair drying, while creating extreme body and touchable volume.
  • Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment. Curly hair needs moisture. Daily life, the environment, diet and lifestyle can all take a toll and rob hair of its needed hydration. Treat yourself to an occasional deep hair repair with Heaven In Hair. It has a luscious blend of cupuaçu, murumuru and cacao butters that intensely hydrate to leave your curls silky-soft.

Be sure to check out the full line of DevaCurl hair care products available on our website.  We guarantee that all beauty lines offered are 100% authentic, never from a third-party, and are items that our beauty team uses on our own hair and skin. Plus, Pandora Beauty offers some of the best prices available on all your favorite salon-quality products at our online discount beauty supply store.