Summer is here and that means time at the beach, car and plane trips, camping, cookouts, parties and fun in the sun. With all this going on, your hair can get a bit neglected. There’s so much to do, you don’t want to spend your time fussing in front of a mirror styling your hair. Especially if it’s just going to get tossed and ruined by wind, humidity, salty sea air or other outdoor activities. Our advice – keep your styles simple. We’ve got some ideas on quick hairstyles that will keep you stylish in the sun.

Easy Hairstyles for Your Busy Summer

  • Braids. There are numerous variations on the classic braid. A French braid can be made more stylish by tucking the end (or ends if you do a braid on each side of your head) under and pinning in place to make a braid/updo combo. Or try a loose braid/ponytail combo by braiding your hair for about half the length that you normally would, then tie it off with an elastic, leaving an extra long, tousled pony at the end. Finish with a humidity-resistant hairspray like Matrix Biolage Freeze Fix.
  • A messy topknot. These oh-so-casual-looking buns may look effortless, but they actually take a little practice to get just right. We recommend that you start with hair that’s not freshly washed. That’s right, it actually works better on dirty hair! Then spray it with a bit of texturizing spray like Lanza Healing Style Dry Texture Spray. This will make the rest of the styling easier by giving your hair more “grip,” and your bun will hold up better throughout the day.
  • Volumized pony. Shorter hair? If you have enough to gather a small pony or bun at the back of your head, you can pull your hair back but still give it some fullness and “oomph” by doing a volumized ponytail. This one also works best on second day (not freshly washed) hair. Start by spraying your hair with a bit of dry shampoo like Eufora Style Fresh Effect. Then tease your hair from the roots before combing smooth only the top layer. Gather it into an elastic at the nape of the neck and use fingers to gently loosen the sides.
  • The high pony. This one is super easy and never goes out of style. It’s also perfect for after taking a swim when you don’t have time for any heavy-duty styling. Start with Macadamia Professional Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray to protect your hair from the sun and humidity, smooth out any frizziness and add shine. Comb hair up into a high ponytail on the top of head, gathering with an elastic. For extra elegance, wrap a piece of hair around the base of the ponytail covering the elastic completely, then tuck and pin underneath.

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