It’s time to welcome in the warmer weather! Who doesn’t love the springtime? The air is fresh, clean and everywhere you look things are blossoming. Good riddance to the snow, ice and heavy coats, and hello sunshine, green grass and tank tops.

With the temperatures on the rise, it’s time to get ready for some new natural hair trends. Plus, you’ll want to adjust your hair routine accordingly to the warmer, more humid air.

Natural Hair Trends for Spring

Natural hair is more popular than ever this year. Just what is natural hair? It means letting your true style shine by allowing your hair to be free with no alterations through chemical straighteners like relaxers or texturizers. Natural hair patterns can go from soft waves to kinky, coiled curls. While natural hair may look strong, it’s actually generally a very delicate texture that is drier to the touch and very hard to over-condition.

Those with natural hair are lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of hairstyles this spring. Some of the hottest trends in natural hair include going big with lots of volume, or heading in the exact opposite direction, lopping off your length for a short, edgy style. These short styles are often accented by bright colors achieved in non-damaging ways using hair chalk, temporary color sprays or hair waxes.

Updating Your Natural Hair Regimen for the Spring

It’s true – before you know it, we’ll be dealing with the heat and humidity wreaking havoc on our curls once again. Gone is the dry, cooler air of fall and winter that causes its own set of issues, and it’s time to alter your natural hair regimen in response.

A few ways to ensure you’re rocking your natural hair this spring:

  1. Swap the deep conditioner for protein treatments. In the dry winter months, deep conditioning is a necessary part of your natural hair routine. However, in the springtime, consider switching a deep conditioning treatment for a protein treatment. Protein treatments infuse weak, brittle hair with modified proteins that help drastically reduce breakage.
  2. Go no-poo. A product like DevaCurl No-Poo Decadence delivers moisture, strength and protection to your natural hair. It provides a gentle cleansing without stripping away those natural oils your hair needs to stay shiny and healthy this spring and summer.
  3. Trim as needed. Contrary to some beliefs, natural hair does not need to be trimmed regularly like other hair textures. This is especially true if you’re trying to add some length this spring. Only trim the ends on an as-needed basis. If you’re taking proper care of your locks, they will stay healthier and not need as many trims.
  4. Eat right and stay hydrated. Beauty starts on the inside! It’s time to adjust your habits this spring by enjoying a diet full of non-processed foods like fruits, veggies and lean proteins. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, too!

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