Heading to the beach for spring break? Super! That week off is the perfect time to relax, regroup and get ready to finish out the school year strong. And what better way to celebrate spring break than by enjoying some fun, sun, surf and sand? It’s estimated that around 50 percent of college students plan to head somewhere warm for their break every year, and if you’re one of those lucky people, it’s time to pack your bags, get ready to work on your tan and leave your worries behind.

Head to the Beach with these Easy Spring Break Hairstyles

When you’re enjoying time away from the stress of school, the last thing you want to do is waste time doing your hair. Luckily, there are plenty of spring break hairstyles that are easy, beachy, and will still have you feeling cute and sassy while you’re rocking your new bikini.

Here are just a few ideas for some beachy spring break hairstyles that allow for more time to enjoy fun in the sun:

  • The messy topknot. Who doesn’t love a messy topknot? It’s a cute, versatile look that tames your frizz and fly-aways while keeping your hair out of your face. Simply gather up all your hair and secure it on the top of your head with an elastic, leaving out the hair on the last loop. Tuck in the loose ends with bobby pins, and then give it a few tugs to create that trademark messy look.
  • The double bun. Want to keep your hair low so you can wear your favorite floppy beach hat, but hate the feeling of sweaty hair on your neck? Pull your hair into two low ponytails, and, much like you would do for the messy topknot, leave the ends tucked in to the last loop of the elastics. Secure them with bobby pins to create small, low buns that will keep the hair off your neck and back.
  • No heat beach waves. No one wants to spend hours with hot styling tools before a hot day at the beach. Instead, apply some texturizing cream through damp hair and scrunch it up, then twist, allowing it to dry a bit. When you shake out your hair after breakfast, you’ll have some lovely, heat-free beach waves.
  • Braids for days. Braiding your hair is the perfect option when you’re ready for a long, lazy day at the beach. Go for a simple braid, two pigtail braids, a French braid, or get more creative with a fishtail braid. No matter which look you choose, braiding your hair is a quick, easy way to get out the door and strolling down the boardwalk.
  • Embrace your natural hair. Of course, the easiest spring break hairstyle? Don’t do anything at all! Let your natural waves, curls or straight hair shine that week. Apply a little product like Texturizing Spray or Smoothing Oil and be on your way, embracing the natural you.

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