Can you feel it? Those brisk winds and chill in the air, and the oncoming threat of that freezing white stuff falling from the sky? Winter is coming! However, the good side is that the change in season offers the perfect opportunity to switch up your style beyond just donning your warmest boots and coats. Let’s talk about changing up your hair by trying out some new, fun winter hairstyles!

Love Your Hair this Winter

First of all, you need to take good care of your hair throughout the winter months. Those seasonal elements can wreak havoc on your locks if you aren’t taking the right precautions.

While you don’t need to worry about damage from the sun’s rays this time of year as you would in the summertime, during the winter your hair has a tougher time retaining moisture, making it dry, brittle and prone to more breakage. Or, you might be dealing with that annoying static electricity from your favorite knitted cap or scarf. Give your hair a little extra love regularly throughout the winter by doing some deep conditioning treatments, getting regular trims, and washing it a bit less frequently than normal.

5 Winter Hairstyles to Change up Your Look

Some of the top winter hairstyles that are all the rage this year include:

  1. The messy bob. Always a classic look, the messy bob falls right to your collar bone and allows for plenty of options to play with different textures and styles.
  2. Cut blunt bangs. Have you always wanted bangs but were too afraid of the grow-out process? Well, if you cut them in the winter, by next summer they’ll already be long enough to pin back, we promise! You may have noticed a variety of celebrities going with this look, with both the blunt bangs and a sleek, blunt bob together.
  3. The half up, half down. Don’t feel like styling your hair this morning? No worries, because the half up, half down look is huge this season. Pull back half your hair into a braid, ponytail or messy topknot, style the rest as usual, and you’ll be ready in half the time.
  4. Change up your part. Normally part your hair on the right? Try changing it up by parting in the middle or on the left this winter. This may take a little time and “training,” but you’ll be awarded with an entirely new look and feel by making this simple adjustment.
  5. Go all out with a pixie cut. Be daring! Chop it all off this winter and become one with the pixie cut. You’ll love the low maintenance of this winter hairstyle, and it even allows you to have some fun with color, like going platinum blond or a vibrant, Christmas-y red.

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