Finally, it’s time to pull out your shorts, halter tops and sundresses and get ready for the heat of summer! Whether you’ll be strolling down a sandy beach, sipping mimosas on a patio, or just enjoying some time outside, you’ll want to look good while you’re doing so. If you’re looking or some inspiration to keep your make-up on point this summer, you’ve come to the right place.

The Top Summer Make-Up Trends for 2018

Experts are suggesting the top make-up trends for summer 2018 are pretty much a mixed bag. This is a good thing, though! That means there’s something for everyone! If you prefer a more natural look, you won’t be left in the dust. On the other hand, if you like to experiment with some fun colors and textures, you’ll also still be right on trend.

Here are 5 summer make-up trends to keep you looking your best this season:

  1. Revamped cat eye. A good cat eye, considered the Holy Grail of eye make-up, can be difficult to achieve on its own if you don’t have a steady hand. However, this summer, you can take your cat eye to the next level with metallic eyeliners or a smudgy, rock-n-roll look.
  2. Leave foundation behind. Natural makeup is still a top summer make-up trend that never truly dies. And for good reason! When the weather is hot, who wants to be slathered in thick foundation that will only melt away as the sun rises? Instead, opt for just a touch of concealer and some pressed powder this summer.
  3. Go for a glow. Contouring is definitely still a thing, but instead of a shimmery highlight, go for a sun-kissed look with some bronzer. Choose a warm, peachy blush for just a hint of contour and some taupe bronzer applied just below the cheekbones.
  4. Brighten your eyes. It doesn’t really matter what color you prefer for your eyeshadow, because color in general is a hot summer make-up trend. Have some fun and reach for those bright eyeshadow pallets you’ve hidden away for the duration of the long, dreary winter. Bright blue, hot pink, sunny orange, glowy champagne and even glittery colors – they’re all great choices to experiment with this season.
  5. Gloss it up. Lip gloss is another product that never truly goes out of style, and this summer, it’ll be more popular than ever. A subtle, natural lip gloss completes your look, especially when you’ve spent extra time on your eyes and brows.

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