They say a woman’s hair is her crown. It’s one of the first things that anyone notices about us. And lustrous hair with plenty of body is what we all aspire to have. Unfortunately, not all of us can be blessed with naturally thick, voluminous hair. Whether due to age, medications or simply bad luck, many of us find ourselves battling thin, limp locks.

Hacking Fuller Hair

Luckily, just because you don’t grow hair like Rapunzel doesn’t mean that you can’t make more of what you have. Pretty much any thin hair can be made to appear thicker and fuller if it is treated and styled the right way. Here are some tips and tricks to pulling off thicker hair and a fuller ‘do.

  • Switch to a volumizing shampoo. Alterna makes a great volumizing shampoo called Caviar Anti-Aging Multiplying Volume Shampoo. Its Marine Plumping Complex helps renew fullness to fine, limp hair.
  • Change your part. This is a super easy way to give a little boost to your hair’s volume. If you consistently part your hair to one side, your follicles and hair shaft will adjust to lay in that direction. When you part it the opposite way, your hair is forced to bend against its set direction and will sit up a bit higher than usual.
  • Blow dry your hair upside-down. First of all, blow drying your limp hair will automatically give you more volume than if you allow it to simply air-dry. And you can amp up that effect by bending over with your head hanging down while you blow dry from behind and underneath. We recommend you use a Turbo Power hair dryer with ionic and ceramic technology to eliminate static electricity. Add the universal diffuser to really infuse your hair with body!
  • Fill in with keratin fibers. If you have thinning hair and you have not tried keratin fibers, you are missing out! Today’s hair fibers are light years away from those spray can coloring agents from the 1980s. Xfusion’s Hair Fibers made from real keratin proteins cling to and blend with your hair seamlessly. They will instantly make your hair look fuller and thicker with no mess.
  • Use a dry shampoo. Particularly if you don’t wash your hair every day, the natural oils will make your hair flat and limp so you’ll want to use a product like Eufora Style Fresh Effect Dry Shampoo on off days. But even on the first wash day, right after you blow dry, a dry shampoo can stop the oils from weighing down your hair and will give it more texture so that it holds its style better throughout the day.
  • Finish with a root booster. To really take your hair’s body to ultimate heights, lift and spray your roots with a product like Scruples High Definition Volumizing Root Lifter. It thickens and lifts hair without stickiness or stiffness.

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