Chocolates in heart-shaped boxes. A dozen roses. A romantic, candlelight dinner. While these are all great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, they’re pretty standard, wouldn’t you say? If you’re used to getting the same old, same old year after year, we have a few hints you can drop to get your significant other thinking a little more creatively this year.

Get Your Love Thinking Outside the Box This Valentine’s Day

February is the month to celebrate love! And of course, while any gift from your significant other is appreciated, why not let him know there a few things on your list that you’d really enjoy? There’s nothing wrong with giving clueless beaus a gentle push in the right direction – and they’ll most likely welcome any help you can give! Or, don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is also a perfect excuse to treat yourself!

So, what are some of the top Valentine’s Day gifts you can request? Here are just a few ideas:

Your favorite beauty items. Running out of your favorite mascara? Scraping the edges of your favorite compact? Leave a hint that you would love a nice gift basket of the beauty items you love and use most often. Here’s another suggestion- have your love check out our online beauty supply store first! He won’t have to step into a beauty store, looking confused and out of place. Instead, all the items you request are easily available with a click of the mouse!

The new bestseller and some cozy pajamas. We live hectic lives these days, and what better way to unwind in the evening than with a good book and a warm, snuggly set of pjs? This is a super easy Valentine’s Day gift that you’ll certainly appreciate on these chilly nights.

A gift certificate to a spa. Are you way overdue for a professional massage or facial? Ask your S.O. for a gift certificate to get pampered for a few hours. Better yet, have him schedule a couples’ massage that you both can enjoy together.

Spa products to use at home. If your masseuse is booked solid or the spa isn’t really your thing, you can always pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home. Pandora Beauty is another great source for high-end spa products that will keep your skin and hair soft and smooth throughout the rest of this dry winter. Our discount beauty website offers fast shipping on all items, and if you spend 99 dollars or more, shipping is free!

Deliciously-scented products. You can always request a refill on your favorite perfume, or have your love choose a new scent for you this Valentine’s Day. Or, have him pick up a scented candle or some essential oils to have your home smelling delicious.

Pandora Beauty is ready to help you or your love shop for Valentine’s Day gifts this year! Our online beauty store offers authentic, top-rated brands at prices you’re guaranteed to love.