Being properly hydrated from the inside out is key to having dewy, plump, glowing skin and strong, shiny, resilient hair. But aside from drinking plenty of water, there are many other steps you can take to keep your skin and hair moisturized and healthy. 

Keys to hydrated skin

  • Exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells and reveals fresher, younger skin. Be sure to include periodic exfoliation to your beauty routine.  BareMinerals makes a great cleansing set to aid in skin exfoliation. 

  • Moisturize after showering. First of all, we don’t recommend super hot showers. Although they may feel relaxing, they are quite drying to skin and hair. After a warm shower, be sure to apply a moisturizer while your skin is softened and receptive and to lock water into the cells. 

  • Invest in sun protection. Sun protection is SO important. Sun damage leads to a breakdown in your collagen and elastin, and over time, wrinkles and premature aging. Believe me when I say that the 50-year-old you will thank the 25-year-old you for using products with SPF daily. 

Keys to hydrated hair 

  • Avoid daily hair washing. Yes, you read that right. Every time you wash your hair it removes the natural oils, and for many of us, daily washes are simply not necessary and only lead to hair becoming dry and brittle over time. If you find that your hair is limp without daily washing, consider using a product like Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo every other day to bring your hair back to life between washes. 

  • Switch to a gentler shampoo. Another way to retain more of your hair’s natural oils is to use a cleanser that does not strip them away. Many shampoos clean too aggressively, especially if you have curly hair, which is particularly in need of extra moisture. Regular shampoos may leave your hair squeaky-clean, but dry and prone to breakage over time.  Consider switching to something like DevaCurl’s non-lathering No-Poo Original Cleanser or their Low-Poo Cleanser. 

  • Use a weekly hydrating mask. Nothing jump-starts your hair’s moisture like a regular hydrating mask. We recommend the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask for ultimate repair, softness and shine. 

Hydration from the inside out

To really see outstanding results in your hair and skin’s hydration, you need to think about feeding them from the inside. Too much coffee, alcohol and smoking are very dehydrating and will absolutely show up in your outward appearance. Drink plenty of water and decaffeinated beverages, get a good night’s sleep and consider adding some supplements to your diet. Phytophanere is packed with vitamins and minerals that support healthy and supple hair, skin and nails.  


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