Like it or not, winter has arrived and unfortunately, it won’t be over any time soon. When the outdoor air turns crisp and the indoor air becomes warm and dry, you might notice your hair suffering. Split ends, static electricity, and just a general “blah” feeling can easily start to set in over the winter months, especially if you aren’t take proper care of your hair.

Preventing Winter Hair Damage

When we think about weather that damages our flowing locks, it’s common to picture the summer months, when the sun’s rays penetrate from root to tip and usually cause dryness and breakage. However, the winter can wreak just as much havoc. The low humidity and cold temperatures weaken your hair and make it more susceptible to breaking and even falling out. While most people get ready for winter by swapping out their wardrobes and buying hand and face moisturizer in bulk, there are a few things you should do to ensure your hair is staying as healthy as possible throughout the cold season, too.

Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy Locks this Season

Give your locks a little extra TLC until the spring arrives by following these five winter hair care tips:

  1. Combat the static. Is there anything worse than static-y hair? That feeling of your hair floating up around your head, unable to calm it down, is not only super annoying but it can also cause breakage. Static electricity is usually a result of the dry air, and you can try using leave-in conditioner before you style and dry oil spray when you finish to help keep those crazy fly-aways at bay.
  2. Tame the frizz. Along with static, frizz can totally ruin what might’ve been a perfect hair day. Try using super moisturizing shampoos and conditioners this winter to lock in more moisture during these cold, dry months.
  3. Avoid daily washings. While switching your shampoo is a great place to start for beautiful hair this winter, if you’re washing your hair every day you might notice it’s still seeming drier than usual, or maybe your scalp is even itchy and flaky. Stop it. Stop it right now. Shampooing less often can help keep your hair softer and shinier, plus promote better hair growth. Try to shampoo only every other day, using dry shampoo in between to combat those greasy roots.
  4. Go deep – as in deep condition. Give your hair the pampering it needs this winter by doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week. No matter what your hair texture may be, it can benefit from a weekly hair treatment to help replace some of the lost moisture from both the indoor and outdoor air.
  5. Say hello to your hairstylist regularly. Lastly, getting a regular trim over the winter months every six to eight weeks helps rid your hair of those dreaded split ends. You don’t have to cut off several inches or change up your look completely (unless, of course, you want to!) as just a light dusting of those frazzled ends will perk up your ‘do.

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