Maybe you’ve heard of Phyto hair products, but you aren’t sure what the brand truly represents. For over 50 years, Phyto’s innovative products have been formulated with pure plant extracts and natural botanicals to help improve the health of hair around the globe. And it all began with the vision of one man: Patrick Ales.

The Origins of Phyto

Ales was an apprentice in a hair salon in Paris in the 1950s when he began to notice the damage the chemicals used in everyday hair products was causing to clients’ hair. It became his vision to create a line of products that healed and improved hair health, rather than damage it.

In his home in the Haute Provence region of France, he became fascinated with the plants, leaves and roots left behind by the previous owner, who’d been known as a healer. He wanted to apply the same principles and benefits these botanicals had on overall health to create healing hair treatments. In the garage of his home, Ales, his wife and a team of scientists created the first Phyto 7 creams. In 1967, the first cosmetic brand with the PHYTO prefix was also created, the groundbreaking Phytotherathrie line.

Ales did not just develop these amazing hair products without evidence to back up their effectiveness. He understood the importance of scientific proof, and today, over 200 clinical studies have been performed on his products, carried out by doctors, hospitals and independent laboratories to prove their effectiveness and healing power.

Best-Selling Phyto Hair Products

Today, Phyto is a well-known brand worldwide and the products have left their mark on the history of hair care. Phyto has a cult following, with an array of products that truly provide spectacular results. A few of these cult favorites include:

Phyto 7

The first Phyto hair care product, Phyto 7 is a weightless leave-in conditioner infused with seven different pure and natural plant extracts. It instantly hydrates, protects and smoothes fine to medium hair while also preventing frizz and split ends.

Phytophanere Dietary Supplement

Treat hair and nails from the inside out with this Dietary Supplement, rich in essential B vitamins and biotin. Just two capsules a day promotes fuller, thicker, shinier hair and longer, stronger nails. You’ll also notice your skin looking luminous and your eyelashes lengthened.

Phytokeratine Extreme Mask

Got ultra-damaged, super dry hair? This ultra-rich formula was designed to replenish and repair hair without weighing it down. With ingredients like sapote butter, baobab oil and botanical keratin, your hair will regain its strength to become soft, supple, silky and radiant.

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