If you have fine hair, you know the struggle to give your hair some body is real. It seems like no matter how many products you use to keep your style strong, about an hour later your hair is falling flat again. Fine, flat hair that won’t hold a curl or wave is one of the most common complaints among women everywhere, and while you can’t change your genetics, there is a way to give your hair that little extra boost it may need on a daily basis: volume shampoos.

The Science Behind Volume Shampoos

Unfortunately, there’s no magical elixir that can truly give your hair that gorgeous volume you seek. However, certain products can come to your tresses’ rescue! Volume shampoos are one of these products. Why? Science.

Well, sort of. First, you need to understand why some hair has more volume than others. There are four elements to this:

  1. The thickness of each hair.
  2. The number of hairs per square inch on your scalp.
  3. The interaction between the hair fibers – friction between fibers can increase volume.
  4. The flexibility of the hair fibers – stiffer fibers will stand up better on their own to contribute to volume.

We all know that there are a ton of hair care products out there that claim to plump up or thicken your hair to give it that much-needed volume. Some of these products work by adding more rigidity to the hair fibers and increase the stiffness. This is how many of the volumizing mousses or gels work. Dry shampoo can also add volume because they increase the friction between the hair fibers with tiny particles of talc or starch.

When it comes to volume shampoo, however, less is more. What we mean by this is that volume shampoos work because they are designed to leave less residue behind on your hair, unlike many other shampoos out there which utilize that residue as a means of hydrating your locks. If you have fine, limp hair, you don’t actually need that much extra hydration. Instead, you need a method to cleanse your hair without adding weight to it.

Take Eufora’s Volume Shampoo, for instance. This special blend of soy, quinoa, and wheat proteins protect, shine and add strength to fine, thin and lifeless hair. It also contains a blend of vitamins and botanical extracts like chamomile, horsetail, nettle, lemongrass and henna to further add shine and promote scalp health. You’ll start to see the results in as little as a month, as it leaves your hair silky clean, hydrated, and with the volume and body you seek.

Whether you’re curious to try a volume shampoo like the Eufora hair care line or because you’ve been using their products for years, check out the full line of Eufora products at our discount beauty store online! We guarantee you’ll be highly satisfied with both the quality and the prices we offer!