The objective: To get out the door as quickly as possible in the morning after enjoying that extra nine minutes of snoozing, while not looking like you seriously just rolled out of bed.

Time is precious in the mornings before school and work. We get it. Maybe you took some extra time in the shower, or perhaps the skirt you wanted to wear was dirty, leading to a last minute outfit change that took way more than a minute. Don’t worry – nowadays, there’s no need to spend an hour on your face. Cosmetics have come a long way, making it simple to use just a few products and still look bright-eyed, clear-skinned and refreshed.

Get out the Door in 5 Minutes with these Makeup Tips for Work and School

So, you first need to accept the fact that you won’t have time to do a full face. And that’s totally fine! With some great products and these 5-minute makeup tips for school or work, you’ll be ready to go in no time flat. And, most people won’t even realize you get some extra beauty rest.

Let’s break down some of the best easy makeup tips for the work and school day:

1. Cover your imperfections. A little acne, under eye circles or uneven skin tone can be fixed instantly by applying a good concealer like bareMinerals BarePro Full Coverage Concealer. Or, go an even lighter route and apply a CC cream with a makeup sponge. This may be the longest step in your 5-minute makeup process, but it still should only take about a minute to get the coverage you need to feel confident.

2. Add a little glow. Dab a little creamy blush onto your cheeks for a youthful glow. Use just a tiny amount and blend away the excess with your fingertips. Applying a cream blush with your fingers takes far less time than dealing with makeup brushes or sponges.

3. Brighten your eyes. Reach for a lighter eyeshadow, like a peachy champagne color. Apply one color just to the crease, and don’t worry about blending in any other colors. For work or school, a simple eye is just fine. Leave the smoky eyes for the weekend! After you’ve applied shadow, quickly sweep some mascara in an upward motion from the base of your lashes to create a nice, full fringe effect.

4. Fill in your brows. Eyebrow gel makes it simple to fill in your brows in just seconds. Choose a color that matches the natural shade of your brows, and in a few quick swipes, they’ll be full, tame, and will stay in place the rest of the day.

5. Finish with a smile. Finally, complete your 5-minute makeup with some neutral lip gloss. A nice sheer gloss takes far less time and hassle to apply than a darker lipstick might.

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