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Professional Discount


At Pandora Beauty, you get the absolute lowest price anywhere on all the products we represent - no one comes close! We urge savvy shoppers to do their homework. Figure out the bottom line, what are you paying at the point of checkout? Don't be fooled by Free Shipping, Promo Codes or Coupons - they are gimmicks to steal your business.


We do not play games. We offer you the steepest discount period because we care. We make a minimal profit per item and work on volume sales. I think we all agree on the fact that we are in tough times. It's a rough economy but that doesn't mean you have to stop using your favorite Hair Care & Beauty products when places like Pandora Beauty exist!


Regardless that we have very little room to play with our steep discounts we urge all Salon Owners, Hair Stylists & Cosmetologists to contact us for a 5% Professional Discount. You will be required to email us a copy of your Salon/Cosmetology license for us to keep on file. Once approved enjoy an additional 5% Off on every purchase as our way of saying Thank You for serving the Beauty Industry!