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Product Quality & Availability

Pandora Beauty is committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction. We never compromise quality to make a sale. We guarantee that all product lines are completely authentic and original - unlike many products found on similar, online beauty websites, Amazon and eBay. We offer our assurance of product quality through our relationship with product line Manufacturers and Distributors. You will never get a third-party product from our online store.

We make it a point only to ship a product that we would trust on our hair and/or skin! Please be advised that product images shown on our website may not always present an accurate reflection of in-stock items. Our current product image may reflect previous packaging, hence, you may be shipped the current version of a product or packaging. Conversely, we may have in stock an earlier product packaging, while the manufacturer has created a new look for its product. With over 20,000 SKUs, we do our very best to update all product images whenever a change occurs. Pandora Beauty reserves the right to ship available packaging currently in stock, regardless of either instance stated above. If you are in search of a specific item packaging we advise you to contact us prior to making your purchase. If you receive an item that resembles a previous or newer packaging of the product you were expecting, it is your responsibility to ship the item back to us. Additionally, customers should be aware that, because Pandora Beauty carries thousands of products on our website, in some instances, typographical errors may inadvertently be applied or incorporated into customer orders i.e. product description/size.

Pandora Beauty reserves the right to cancel any orders involving typographical error on such customer/product orders. Often times, manufacturers will produce the same item in a smaller size but charge the same price if not more. As sad as this is, it happens in all industries today. If you receive an item whose size is smaller than the one advertised when you placed the order, we are not responsible. If you receive an order where this applies and you wish to return the order simply contact us for return authorization. Again if you have a specific product description/size you are looking for please call us prior to placing your order.